London Escorts

Escorts are not prostitutes as many people confuse the two terms. Escorts unlike prostitutes are mainly hired for entertainment purpose. Escorts are handsome men or beautiful women hired to offer services aimed at entertainment purposes. Escorts earn much more and are classy as compared to prostitutes. Escorts get [aid for offering glamorous and sexy looks as well as for following the clients to various places. Escorts are legal and are taken like companions hence the payment given is for companionship rather than the sex which makes it legal.
There are companies called escort agencies which provide clients with escorts which are mostly provided to give sexual services. These agencies do organize for a meeting whereby the client and the escorts meet at either in a hotel room, the residence of the escort or the house of the client. There are other agencies which offer long durations whereby the client can stay or even travel with the escort on business or holiday trips. The agency gets paid booking fees as well as dispatch fees but there is always room for negotiation between the client and the agency on extra charges. The client can as well converse with the escort for more services not offered by the agency.

How to get escorts in London

London features very many escort agencies where you can get these escorts at some friendly cost. All you need to do is call the agencies for booking of the escorts. The agencies also offer same day escort booking whereby you can book an escort on the same day and spend the night with them. The agencies show the pictures of each escort whereby details like in call escorts residences within London are mentioned below the pictures. Every London escort displayed in the agencies is of unique character making each encounter unique and special with different escorts.
The rates charged are for companionship and time for most agencies. Any extra cost incurred is for special favors which the client request from their escort.

Nightlife in the City of London

You might not realize this but the city of London has a lot going on in terms of entertainment. Whether you are visiting the city for a few days or planning on a 6-month stay; there is plenty of night time activity to keep you entertained in London. Let’s check out what this city has to offer during the night time hours.

Family Entertainment
Like most cities, London does not necessarily cater to families during the night time. However, there are plenty of fun and friendly activities for parents and their kids during the night time in London. There are night time attractions, movie theaters, amusement parks, family orientated karaoke joints, restaurants, movie theaters and late museum openings. All of these activities and amusements are designed for family.
Some of these places include riding the London Eye (a huge Ferris wheel often seen in city shots of London), traveling to see Big Ben when the clock strikes midnight, visiting the Tower of London for the Ceremony of Keys and do some skating at Skating Haven. Other attractions include Hamley’s Toy Shop, London Dungeons and checking out the Somerset House. Nightlife in London is fantastic for kids.

Adult Entertainment
Once the kids are sleep or if you visiting without kids; then you are going to want some adult entertainment and fun. London is loaded with pubs and there are plenty of places to dance. There is also a vibrant night life that is loaded with fun places that adults want to be.
The London Theater often presents shows during the night time. Karaoke bars are always a big draw in London during the night time hours and so are cabaret clubs. Corsica Studios, Egg London and Electric Brixton are among the best dance places that the city has to offer. Prince Charles Cinema and Regent Street Cinema show the latest films and movies that people want to see. The Star Tavern and the Grenadier are among the best pubs in the city.

Couples can even find romantic getaway spots in London to enjoy some time alone. These places include St. Pancras, Fox and Anchor and Kynance Mews. All of these destinations within the city are places where couples would want to spend some time with each other. Ultimately, the city of London is loaded with millions of things to do at night. To put it plainly, London has a lot to offer even after the sun goes down.

The Kim Kardashian effect

Every day you see girls who are only interested in the way they look. Their main activity is to inject their lips and have bigger breasts, bigger butt, bigger everything. I call this the Kardashian effect. Why is that? Well because they have an huge impact all over the world but especially in the U.S.A and United Kingdom. Everywhere you look you can see women who look the same as the Kardashian sisters. They all dress trashy and wearing heavy make up. For me, they all look like this London escorts.

This Kardashian Phenomena has exploded over the years because of the heavy marketing. Everyone seems to promote them, from tv networks to magazines and so on. And excepting the social media, where they are everywhere. If it’s not one of the sister than is the other one. The problem with this phenomena is that is spreading fast and mostly around teenagers who are the most vulnerable. They take example of the little sister from the clan and they act the same.

In our country, in Uk, especially in London, if you go out to a pub or club in the evening you will be shocked to see how most of the young women look alike. They all are dressed like the Kardashians, very shimmer and see trough clothes. For me, it’s tacky and  shocking especially when you find out their goals in life. They hope they will become famous in a way or another and marry someone rich, if it’s possible. It doesn’t really matter how, as long as they are famous. Women these day, especially the young generations, have changed. This social media effect has brain washed them. The only appealing thing for them is to invest in their looks and that’s all. They are convinced this will solve their problem and they will have  great life by doing so.  They forget they need to love them as they are and not to constantly change something about their phisique.

We must some how take action and try to diminish these negative influences the women get these days. It’s understandable for the women to want to look great but let’s make them understand that is no need for exaggeration. For that we need more good example, like career women, who still look good but also they are promoting a smart and confident woman in their own skin. We need more good examples and more marketing on normal women. Normal women who embraces the way they look and doesn’t need to have surgery in order to have a great life.

Let’s try to put a stop on it by not promoting them so much. And let’s watch better shows on tv, and follow great women on social media, like Emma Watson and much more, who really have something to say. Let’s put aside the fake looks and be more into real women, who supports other women by helping them become stronger and happier.