Nightlife in the City of London

You might not realize this but the city of London has a lot going on in terms of entertainment. Whether you are visiting the city for a few days or planning on a 6-month stay; there is plenty of night time activity to keep you entertained in London. Let’s check out what this city has to offer during the night time hours.

Family Entertainment
Like most cities, London does not necessarily cater to families during the night time. However, there are plenty of fun and friendly activities for parents and their kids during the night time in London. There are night time attractions, movie theaters, amusement parks, family orientated karaoke joints, restaurants, movie theaters and late museum openings. All of these activities and amusements are designed for family.
Some of these places include riding the London Eye (a huge Ferris wheel often seen in city shots of London), traveling to see Big Ben when the clock strikes midnight, visiting the Tower of London for the Ceremony of Keys and do some skating at Skating Haven. Other attractions include Hamley’s Toy Shop, London Dungeons and checking out the Somerset House. Nightlife in London is fantastic for kids.

Adult Entertainment
Once the kids are sleep or if you visiting without kids; then you are going to want some adult entertainment and fun. London is loaded with pubs and there are plenty of places to dance. There is also a vibrant night life that is loaded with fun places that adults want to be.
The London Theater often presents shows during the night time. Karaoke bars are always a big draw in London during the night time hours and so are cabaret clubs. Corsica Studios, Egg London and Electric Brixton are among the best dance places that the city has to offer. Prince Charles Cinema and Regent Street Cinema show the latest films and movies that people want to see. The Star Tavern and the Grenadier are among the best pubs in the city.

Couples can even find romantic getaway spots in London to enjoy some time alone. These places include St. Pancras, Fox and Anchor and Kynance Mews. All of these destinations within the city are places where couples would want to spend some time with each other. Ultimately, the city of London is loaded with millions of things to do at night. To put it plainly, London has a lot to offer even after the sun goes down.

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